Copy/Paste Properties

I’d like the ability to be able to copy and paste a property value to multiple objects.

For example, I’d copy the Enabled property value of a SQLTag and paste it to all other SQLTags.

Are you aware that you can edit multiple SQLTags at once - and only modify a subset of the tags properties? i.e. you can set enabled/disabled on a large set of tags by editing them all together.

No I was not! :blush:

Thanks for the tip … I noticed you can do this with Group Items as well, (which just made my life a bit easier!)

I second this request as I often wish that I could right click on an object to copy and paste it’s properties to another object or group of objects. This is one of the time savers I always use with another brand of HMI/ SCADA (sadly one of the few things they got right). It is quick, dirty, and requires no keyboard inputs other than the quick keys if not using a mouse. One click and done. After all…time is money.

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