Copying alarm configurations

Is there a way to assign a tag an Alarm template?
Or a way to copy and paste the configured alarms from a tag to another?

I have several tags with the same logical alarm abd i would not set them one by one…
Thnk you

I have a similar tag structure, alarm1, alarm1, etc… I used scripting to loop through the tags and set everything i needed, with the exception of alarms as they are very dynamic based on what each alarm needs.

To add alarms, I built one the normal way, exported it in xml to get the structure and then used a script to make as many as i needed and then imported the new tags in.

I hope one of these ways works for you

Thank you for the response.
It’s a bit tricky… i have several alarm classes, and it would be not so time-saving.

the best way to configure them would be having a bindable template (as for the UDT).
another solution would be copying and pasting the conf from a tag to another, even if it’s one way…

drewdin’s suggestion is a great way to do this. I think an XML export of your SQLTags, then adding the alarms to the export, would be an efficient way.