Copying and pasting a tag that ends in a number with leading zeroes should preserve the leading zeroes

This would be a nice QOL feature that would streamline creating tags with this structure. If I have Thing01 and I copy paste it, I don’t want that to be Thing1, I want it to be Thing02.


Hi @michael2, can you provide information in regards to the use case/motivation of this? It would better help understanding the purpose of this feature request. Thank you.

For one, it would preserve sort order. Thing09 would appear in the tag browser before Thing10. Another might be that that's the way the machines are numbered.


Let's say you have 37 similar tags to create.
You want them named foo01 to foo37.
So, you create one, call it foo01, and configure it. Then you copy and paste it.
now, instead of foo01 and foo02, you have foo01 and foo1. Another paste will give you foo2. etc.
It would be more convenient if the pasted tags would keep the number formatting and go from there, and give you foo02 instead of foo1, foo03 instead of foo2... etc so you don't have to rename them all.

It's just a small QoL improvement, as you could just use system.tag.configure in a script and generate the appropriate names easily, but, you know... I never understood why pasting a tag would keep the base name and replace my 01 with 1. I fail to see the logic that was applied in naming this copy.


@Fadil_Shaikh Pascal has covered it perfectly. FYI, I am michael2. Got a new account.