Copying date from table

I have a table with a Date/Time column. Regardless of the Date Format I specify in the Table Customizer, if I copy and paste a date from a Date/Time cell, it appears in this format,

Sun Jul 31 08:10:00 MDT 2011

which is not recognizeable in excel as a date so my users are having issues doing whatever it is they want to do, most likely graph the data.

Is this a datetime format specified somewhere else that I can change? My next step is to write an export script but I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas first.


Just to clarify - you’re actually copying from the table using CTRL-C, not using an export function, correct?

If so, you’re right - the copy-to-clipboard mechanism isn’t correctly using the column’s dateformat. I’ll see what we can do about that.

Correct, the client is just highlighting data he wants and using control-c to copy it out to excel. I was trying to write an event script for copying data to the clipboard but never managed to get it working properly.

This was fixed, it’ll be in 7.3.