Copying files from network location in windows

I’m trying to copy files from different network locations in Windows by using shutil.copyfile but I got it working only from the script console in designer and not from a scheduled script which is what I need to perform, for example, everyday at the same time. The error I get from the gateway logs is 'No such file or directory', however, the path is accesible from Windows file explorer and from both network drive and by typing the network IP address of the target computer. Let me know if there is some way to solve this.

The user that the ignition service is run under needs permission to those network resources. It’s probably using the default “System” which won’t have access most likely.

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Try this: Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


Got it working! Thank you Kevin. Important to check that the shared folder at network target must include the same user and password in permissions as set on the wrapper config.