Core and additional SQL modules


What can I do with built-in SQL database connectivity in ignition without paid add-ons such as “SQL Bridge Module” or “Tag Historian Module”?

I’d like to generate csv with alarm history and tag values. Is it possible to implement this functionality without buying additional SQL modules?

Yes it is possible without buying additional SQL modules though I wouldn’t call the Tag Historian Module a SQL Module.

SQL Bridge Module grants the use of Transaction Groups.
Tag Historian Module, obviously allows for storing historical data but also the use of the Power Chart.

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The transaction group can be replaced via scripting, e.g. system.tag.readblocking and system.db.runSFUpdateQuery

The historian would be much trickier to replace via scripting.

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for the historian you would need to create your own ‘audit table’ in your db with triggers or something.
for every tag write too. which means you will have to also send every tagwrite to a db.

is there a Chart or document that shows the delineation of functions for the sql bridge. if i have "legacy database access" what would a system miss or be limited with by not having the Sql Bridge module.