Correct Syntax for using Dynamic Properties to build a tag?

In the expression editor, I would like to use dynamic properties to build the path and tag name, use the value of that derived tag as input to a function and the result will be used as the “label” .

Can this be done and how ?

my sample is (this gets an error)

concat({[fsql]tag(Root Container.Circle.TagPath)/tag(Root Container.Circle.TagName)}," F")

Try using Indirect Tag Binding.

You will need to use a different dynamic property so that you can append the unit label. That will be a simple expression {browse_dynamic_property} + '°F'This video gives an example of using Indirect Tag binding.

It can also be done with an expression. It looks like your brackets and braces may be a little off. If you post your window I’ll give it a shot.