Correct Way to Reuse a Window

What is the correct way to make a window that should be accessible by several projects? Should I build it as a template and put it in the inherited project accessible by every project that needs it with those projects all having a window with that template inside it? Or is there a different way to actually build the whole window and share that?

I haven’t tried, but I would expect a window in the inheritable project to be usable in all heirs. Windows are single resources, so should be inheritable/overridable individually.


Yep, can do as Phil says

What if I want a window to be inheritable by other projects, but I also want the window as a stand alone project? It won’t let me use an inherited window to be used as the default main window opened for the project.

I don’t want to make this stand alone project inherited by the other projects as it will muddy up the hierarchy.

EDIT: Turns out you can do this, I just didn’t update/save the project before I tried it :man_facepalming:

Use a client startup-script to open the inherited window.

I got it to work without that, I forgot to save the project doh! On another note, the window uses client tags. I created the client tags in the inheritable project for the shared window. It doesn’t seem to create those tags when the inherited window opens. I guess any client that inherits this window will have to have their own set of the client tags?

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