Correlating historian tags

Hi there!

We use Ignition to monitor the flow values on our test benches during testing.
A decrease in flow can be a sign of clogged strainers in the pipes but also of malfunction on the tested products.
To make things more difficult we are testing various product types on the same test bench.
In order to analyze the flow it is important to know, if the historized flow values occured during testing of product A or product B.

I am currently writing the flow to separate tags depending on the product type. The separate tags are both historized separatley.

Above solution feels a bit clumsy. What would be the best way to historize flow and product type and correlate them afterwards with on board ignition tools?.

Thanks for your suggestions!

How about transaction groups and store it to a DB.

Create a memory tag so you can enter the product type. Take that value and the flow value and create a transaction group. You need to set a trigger so it could be on flow value changed or you could create a bool tag to manual trigger it periodically.

Then later on you can do SQL queries based on product type, product type and max value or min value or averages etc.


Thank you @craigb for your suggestion. I considered this as well and have it set up already. I think this solution provides max. options for working with the data later.
The thing is, analyzing the logged values in this case requires additional work and is very specific to this use case. I like the ease of selecting and visualizing the historized tags with the power chart component and was hoping there is some simple solution, that I just can’t think of right now.

There’s no canned correlation capability in the tag historian. You generally need samples taken together to be able to analyze them together, which the tag historian doesn’t do.