"Could not create Java virtual machine."

OK, this is probably not an Ignition problem per se, so if you want to move this to another area of the board, go ahead. Apparently, after one of the last Windows updates on my development machine, I’ve started having some intriguing issues. I can no longer start designer or launch a project from a remote server. I can start designer and run a project that is local to the development machine. This has been going on for a couple days now. Last night, after forgetting to turn off automatic updates on the server, it is now showing odd symptoms. To sum it up:

Dev machine cannot run server project or designer but can run local project and designer

Server machine cannot run local project or designer but can run Dev machine project and designer

Both machines are running Windows XP service pack 3.

I tried clearing the Java and IE caches, and even un-installing and re-installing Java. I’m a little stumped at this point. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.



I uninstalled Ignition and Java from the server machine, and removed the remaining files in \Program Files and in \Application Data. I then restarted the machine and re-installed everything. Right now it is working properly. I would assume that either a support file was changed, or something in the configuration (of Java I would assume) was mangled. Anyone seen something like this occur? Thanks.

What are your Designer memory and Client memory settings set as? I’ve seen this before when someone had set their memory settings too high (in their case, 2gb).

The Designer launch memory is set in the Gateway configuration section, under Configuration > Gateway Settings and the Client launch memory is a property of the project, set in the Desginer.


I’m not sure. I had already re-installed everything before your message. Right now it is set to 512MB, but I’m not sure if someone bumped it up before or not. Thanks.


I take it that re-installing fixed the problem? If so, then it was definitely caused by some Ignition setting, most likely (based on past experience) the memory settings.

Re-installing did fix the problem. I’ll pass the word here about the memory setting issue, so this won’t happen again. Thanks.