Could not create the Java virtual machine

I created a new project and sent some windows over to the new project from and existing project. when i try to open the new project in staging or publish i receive an error message.

all my other projects still launch fine. What is causing the above error?

Thank you,

I initially put the client maximum memory at 2048. when i changed the maximum down to 256 the client launched. then i changed the maximum back up to 2048 and the client still launch. not sure if the maximum memory was the problem, but now the client is launching.

If you have the client memory set to 2048 this could cause an issue. Remember the max heap size on a 32 bit installation is 1536. I would revert the client size back to 256 MB max just to avoid any issues down the road. If you feel that isn’t enough, increase the amount of client memory, but avoid maxing it out.