Could not load parameter model


Hey guys!

I’ve created a Nested UDT with parameters and while attempting to run the wizard, I ran into an error without detail that says “Could not load parameter model”.

Any I dea why that may be happening?

I’m attaching the error as an image.

More info:
My child UDTs each have a parameter (called Offset) to be used as a pointer on where to start reading the data (since I’m reading Siemens’ DB).
Each tag uses this offset for the indirect addressing, so I get DB500.Real{Offset+n} (n being a fixed number on each tag since the structure is fixed).

Now, on My parent UDT, I have a “MainOffset” parameter, and on the children instances I have declared the Offset parameter as {MainOffset+n} (n being each UDT’s corresponding offset, fixed number}.



Anyone else seeing this? I have the same issue (not nested UDT’s) - the multi instance wizard has always thrown this error in Ignition 8 for me.



Hello Julian.

We’ve been investigating what the problem could be. The fact is that you must define a default tag provider and database in the project properties.

Once you’ve done this, the problem goes away.

Hope this might be helpfull for you.



Sorry, a what again?

  • So, what you mean is that Ignition’s OPC Server isn’t the default provider?
  • And is a database is needed even if I’m not used archived tags?