"Could not transfer artifact..." error when building example project

I am trying to download the dependencies of the sample SDK file using maven but I am getting the following error

“Could not transfer artifact org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:pom:3.1 from/to releases (https://nexus.inductiveautomation.com/repository/inductiveautomation-releases): Transfer failed for https://nexus.inductiveautomation.com/repository/inductiveautomation-releases/org/apache/maven/plugins/maven-compiler-plugin/3.1/maven-compiler-plugin-3.1.pom

I am using IntelliJ IDE

Which example are you trying to build and what command are you using?


And what command?

Are you on a corporate network that might be blocking access to our Nexus repository? Can you reach Repository - Nexus Repository Manager in a browser?


Thank you for your prompt response

I am not connected to the corporate network.
I can open the link in the browser but when I open the link from IntelliJ I have to add “/” at the end of this url “https://nexus.inductiveautomation.com/repository/inductiveautomation-releases” in order to open it.

“And what command?” - Sorry, I am just starting to learn about the SDK and I do not understand your question.
If you meant by how I am generating this error, it is by clicking on the “Reload All Maven Projects” icon from the Maven pane

Okay, forget about the IDE for a sec, open a terminal and change into the gateway-webpage directory and run mvn clean package.

I am getting this error

Sorry, but I think you need to talk to your IT department.

You seem to have some kind of proxy setup, that’s the only reason repository.yourcompanyname.com could be showing up in those logs.

Maybe @nicholas.robinson could help you out.

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Thanks Kevin

@Kevin.Herron yeah, thanks to all I have learned from this forum here I believe we will be able to get through it.