Couldnt launch by clicking icon on desltop

I saved the project as another name and made a little change then saved and published it. I deleted it when this project was running. Then I went back to open the original project and saved and published it. After this I couldn’t run it by clicking the icon on desktop. It was showing “Error launching application: HttpResponseException 404: Not Found”. But I can launch it from gateway and run it no problem. Why?

The link between the local copy on your PC and the one on the gateway is broken. Probably from all the Save As operations.

You can remove the desktop shortcuts (javaws.exe -uninstall) and then relaunch from the gateway to create a new one.

You can make a shortcut that is a direct launch of the project. Details here.

Since you asked why, All I can say is “you asked for it…” :laughing:

Others may chime in here, but I suspect the underlying cause has to do with the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of the file. The GUID is an underlying (usually OS-Level) way to identify a file. When a file is “Saved As”, a new GUID is generated.

When you first launch the project, a copy is saved locally on the client PC. Copying preserves the GUID. Everytime you launch the local copy, it checks the gateway to see if there are any updates. It finds the project on the gateway by GUID, not by the file name as one might think. If you “Save As” over the old project, a new GUID is assigned to the gateway file, the GUIDs no longer match, and you get a 404 response.

This is something I’ve run into on on other software-- usually CAD packages, when files for parts and assemblies got copied and pasted and modified outside the software. In this case “Save As” is our friend, because you really want those to be unique. For Ignition though, it can be problematic.

It sounds like you are receiving the 404 error because you delete the project. If this is the case then the shortcut is looking for a non existent project.

If you suspect that you are just having issues with the shortcut then I suggest trying the Native Client Launcher.