CPU intensive and slow restarting gateway scripts

Hi all, I have a gateway with 10 projects, all including the same template project. Each time I save changes to the template project, the CPU load where Ignition gateway is running gets very high (up to 100%) and in the wrapper.log file the Restarting gateway scripts entry takes up to 6 seconds for each project as in the following screenshot:

Is that normal or shall I have to check anything?

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That’s been my experience. I’m curious if there’s something happening after restarting the gateway scripts that just isn’t printing to the log or if it’s batching the gateway scripts then waiting for them all to complete because it seems like they all pop up at once then it takes a bit for the next log entry to show

Hmm. The whole “Restarting gateway scripts” thing is to be expected, but 6 seconds per project does seem slow.

@Kevin.Herron do the scripts run when they restart or is the queue separate? Would turning them all off or all off and then back on one at a time tell us anything? Or what about creating a script with just import sys; sys.exit() and time that?

I wish I still had access to the project where I saw this. Probably not 6 seconds a piece (I was thinking 6 seconds total) but it always seemed like that part took a while

Change scripts will run and Jython modules will be evaluated. If you don’t check the initialChange flag in your change scripts then whatever they are doing may run. But that won’t be counted in the 6 seconds seen here.

If you’ve got time-consuming activities going on in your Gateway Startup script, you’ll see this behavior; each startup script from the derived projects will run to completion before the restart of the next derived project scripts occurs.

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That was the first thing I checked:
This is my Startup Script section of the Template project, i.e. the project that every other project in the gateway includes. As you can see, that’s absolutely empty. Nothing more is programmed in the Startup Script section of each single project.

I have many ValueChanged script but I do check the intialChange flag in each ValueChanged script.

Do you think an upgrade from the current 8.0.16 (b2020082513) version to 8.1.2 could bring any advantage?

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In the Windows Task Manager I see a Trend Micro Service which uses very much CPU: could that slow Ignition behavior be due to Trend Micro analyzing each and every Ignition file access? Are there any folders you reccomend to add to the Trend Micro folders scan exceptions?

Might this be an issue?

After switching Trend Micro off, project reloading got really better

Just 3 seconds to reload 10 projects!

Therefore I have one last question: do you have a list of Ignition folders that the antivirus software should not scan, so that we can achieve better system performance?