CPU Overload when external client open ignition vision client

Hello everyone!!!

I have a problem in Ignition 8.0.15. The CPU goes to 100% when someone opens a vision client over VPN. This problem does not happen when a computer on the same network as the Gateway accesses the vision.

Do you know why this could happen? Can you help me?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Do you mean CPU in the remote client?

If so, that almost certainly means that your application has gateway callouts in scripts on the foreground thread. Any system.tag., system.opc., system.alarm. and many of the system.util. functions are not safe to use in events. They need to run in an asynchronous task.

Any data needed in tables and charts and the paintable canvas to customize the appearance in extension methods and component events should be brought to the components via bindings on custom properties, and then the custom property accessed in the event. Failing to do this will stall the foreground thread while data is repeatedly retrieved from the gateway. Such stalls can be not noticed when on a fast LAN, but crush the client on a WAN.

You will have to audit every component event/extension script and every runScript binding in every window and template to find and eliminate these problems.

Good morning!

The problem is not in remote client CPU, It is in Gateway viartual machine.

Thank you in advance!

I’ve never seen such a problem, sorry. You might want support to look over your shoulder.

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