CPU Usage @ 50%


I am playing around with Ignition and slowly building a system to run side by side with my existing Ifix system.

I say slowly because I keep getting sidetracked by other jobs that come up. I am starting to build up my tag database and am currently monitoring 18 tags at varying scan times with no scan time less than 50000 ms.

I am not running any clients off of this gateway but notice that with ignition running my base cpu usage holds steady at 50% with spikes up to around 56% when a scan takes place.

This is an intel core 2 duo processor with 2GB of ram with windows XP os. I am curious as to why the gateway (java.exe process) is using this amount of cpu time on a constant basis.

The gateway version is 7.1.6.

Thank you for your help.

Steady 50% CPU usage sounds a lot like 1 core is spinning constantly. Does this persist after restarting the gateway?

If you haven’t restarted it yet - don’t! Call in and maybe we can poke around first and see what’s wrong.

Kevin & Mike,

I was amazed that you took my call and went through my gateway like you did. Hopefully you do not have to spend too much time before discovering the cause.

I am very impressed with your speed and quality of service and will note that in my changing to ignition proposal.

Once again, thank you.

We’ve added some logging to the 7.1.7 version that will help us diagnose this if it happens again. When we release (probably this week) we will give you a call and make sure you get upgraded OK.