CPU usage ignition


We have a problem with ignition using a very high CPU load.
Is there anyway we can look where this load is coming from?
Screenshots attached.

We’re using ignition V7

That covers over ten years of Ignition. What x and y of Ignition v7.x.y ?

I’m sorry!

Thanks in advance!

The performance section of the gateway web interface has a thread monitor. Some patterns may be obvious there. If not, you will probably need to take and examine a thread dump.

I seem to recall there being a couple of high CPU issues in the 7.9.6-ish range that I believe had fixes in 7.9.9 and 7.9.11.

Probably the Jetty selector bug that only happens on Windows if I had to guess.

One thread about it: [Bug]: High Cpu Usage after I click around on my designer for a while