CPU Usage Trend

I am working on the development server connected to few databases and only 1 field device.
Although there aren’t really a response issues when working with Client, the CPU trend is bothering me a lot. It flicks to almost 50% every 7 minutes. Also, I do not have any gateway event scripts.

It looks somethings like this

In the threads, I could not really find a major memory consumer except the one added below.

Any Idea on what might could be the issue ?

You may not have any scripts but where you mentioned your connected to a few databases, do you have any big queries running at about the same time? I’d also look at your memory, what is it doing at the same time. Is it also spiking up? You mentioned 1 field device, whats your load on it? CPU spikes could be almost anything, where they are at a regular interval, I’d focus on what do you have going at that interval.