Crashing on Mac

OSX 10.7.2, Java 1.6.0_29 from Apple. Until several days ago was working great. Now more or less instant crashes of Designer and client. Both running fine on VMWare XP VM, but crash right away on native OSX. Let me know what info you need.

An hs_err_pid*.log file should be popping up somewhere that might give us more info, although I’m not exactly sure what directory it ends up in. You might try searching for it with Spotlight.

Sounds like we only need to know one thing: what changed?

Did you add calculated pens to an easy chart?


I have Mac and added Calculated pens to EasyChart and got designer and client crash all the time?
Is this know error and how to get rid of this?
I really need calculated pens.


Ok, I will add a ticket in our system to get this fixed.

Can anyone replicate this using Java 8? I think it’s been fixed by Oracle.