Crayola colors

Looking for that perfect color to use?

Also has hex values… :thumb_right:


Now I can color balance my monitors :slight_smile:

off to buy a big box of crayons…

I’ll be building a new color-choosing panel to go with the vector drawing tools in 7.3 - maybe I’ll add an easter egg to choose by crayola color :wink:

Cool! Then I can get my kids to help out on my projects! :laughing:

If you are working on a new color picker, it might be useful to add a property for the corresponding shadow color value for any selected color. What I’m referring to is the shaded color portion of something like the colored bars in the chart component when 3-D is selected. I had to create a similar chart with the paintable canvas, and all I did was take the rgb values and multiple them by .75 to get something that looked very close to your shading, although I’m not sure if that’s correct. It would be that much easier if there was a “shadow” property where this was calculated already.

What you’re describing should be easy to if you use the HSB tab of the existing color picker. HSB is a much better way to deal with colors - RGB is a terribly unintuitive way to represent a color.

Go to the HSB tab, click on the B (Brightness) - pick a color and drag the brightness down a bit - done.

The existing color picker isn’t going away, I’m just making an additional one that’ll have a better form factor for what I need it for in 2d drawing.

But, typically I’ll use scripting and use an RGB tuple, like Color(128,128,128,255). And to get the consistent shading, I just multiply each value by a constant (i.e. .75). So, if I need to match the colors used in one of your charts, I just pass the color series as a string to another window, and rip through it and create the shadow effect values dynamically, so everything kind of looks the same. Otherwise, if a user wanted to use a different color for an operation, I’d have to configure two new colors. I’m probably explaining this badly, and maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

For instance, in the chart below, you can see the shadow effect just like on one of your charts. If I passed in something “51,102,255,255” for the first bar, what would be the best way to modify each value? I had in mind something like "a=Color(51,102,255,255), and then a.setShadow(0.60) or a.setAlpha(120).

Maybe a new way to typecast a color from HSB values would be a great additon. Something like toHSBColor(h,s,b,a) in expressions, or system.gui.HSBcolor(hue, saturation, brightness [, alpha]) if one be scripting

Yeah, either of those ideas is fine, but this topic got into the weeds - I was talking about a new GUI, not a way to create colors in scripting. doing RGB each multiplied by *.8 or whatever is a fine way to get a darker color.

Yeah, but I figured if Carl can do a GUI… :laughing:

in the meantime you can do

from java.awt import Color myColor = Color(Color.HSBtoRGB(h,s,b))

Oh. Well, that was going to be my next question. You beat me to the punch again!

Thanks Carl!