Crazy Window

I have a floating window (Layer 1) that I want to open in an application that has a header docked north and a floating main window.

This window is opened using a tab strip (in the header) and the intended size of the window is 300X500.

When I open this window it opens up full screen even though maximizable and resizeable are set to false.

The title bar option is true and closeable are true.

If I set the cache policy to never. I can launch the project, open the window (which makes it fullscreen), close the window. When I reopen at this point, it is its intended size.

What gives?
windows_export.vwin (19.4 KB)

The tab strip swaps the current opened window with the new one that the user selects. This causes the new window to get opened in the same location and size as the previous window. So, if the previous window is maximized the new window will get maximized even though the start maximized property is unchecked.

To change this, you need to switch the tab strip’s Navigation Mode from Swap to Window to Disabled so you can handle what Ignition does when a new tab is selected. To handle it yourself you can create a propertyChange script like this:if event.propertyName == "selectedTab": win = event.newValue if win == "FloatingWindowOne": system.nav.openWindow(win) else: system.nav.swapTo(win)


That was easy! Thanks for the help.