Create 10 minute averages

Greetings to all.
I am new to Ignition programming, surely this question will have a simple answer. I am creating a SCADA and I need to take analog data from a field unit (RTU), with this data I need to create fifteen minute averages, it can be with a sample every 10s. These averages, later I will save them in a database to be processed by a small application. Thank you very much if you can advise me.

You will need to save the 10-second samples in a database. Then you can "process" the 10-second samples into the 15-minute averages, for prior periods, at the start of a new period. You can prune the 10-second samples any time after that.

Ignition's tag historian can be configured on the point or points of interest to do the 10-second samples. Generally, the 15-minute averages would be done by a scheduled script.

Pturmel, Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Is the Schedule script at the Gateway level? Do you have an example of the script?


Yes, and no. I generally do not use the historian in this fashion.