Create a custom Session Bar App

The ignition session bar app has very nice animation and effective way to display more info in very compact way.
I’d like to benefit of that design concept in my project. Is it possible to create it with currently available component and tools in perspective?
If no, it’s nice to have a new component for it.

While there is no drop-in Component to place your own “App Bar” (that’s what we refer to it as), you could make something very similar with the existing components.

In essence, you would want the following pieces (Easy and Sustainable method):
A Docked View which is always Visible.
This Docked View would have a Component which has a click event (Button is common, but you could use a simple Icon).
The Click Event would open a Popup X pixels from the bottom, where X is the height of the Popup View plus the height of the Docked View.
The Popup should not show the close button, should not be draggable, should not be resizable, and SHOULD be a modal, and SHOULD be background dismissible.

Now, that solution locks you into having a Docked View visible at all times, which may not be desirable. You can get the same functionality from placing a button/icon with the prescribed click event in every View, but it would need to be placed in every View you use. IF you go this route, I recommend placing the Button in a very small View, and placing an Embedded View into each View, so that you only need to customize the Button in one place for any changes to take effect.

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Thanks. By the way do you have any plan to add such component in future? Or able to customize the current one by dding additional information?

Not to my knowledge. As far as I know, outside of logging in and out the App Bar is primarily there for diagnostic use and support reference; so it’s already doing everything it needs to do.

Is it possible to achieve an effect similar to the app bar, to have e.g. an icon that is always in the same position and on the top of the view context. Which is most noticeable when it comes to the slider page. I was trying to achieve it with position: sticky but without results. One more question, is it possible to achieve transparent background ?


background-color: transparent Done. Note, however, that you can do this to components and containers, but it will not be applied to Docked View containers or Popup containers.

As for the rest of your question, I’m not really sure what it is you’re asking.

There is only one way right now ways to overlay components in Perspective:

  1. Coordinate Container layout, and you manage the z-indexing of the components. You control the positioning and z-index, so overlay is easy.

Transparent background, I was thinking of Popup containers.
Rest of the question, as an app bar icon (handler), it’s always on top (when we’re scrolling the view, the context of the page is behind the app bar). Ok, I can see from your answer that it can’t be achieved.

Thank you very much!

you can achieve it by viewcanvas or css3 left, top, command with x,y set to auto in xy coordinate

What’s the timeline on Perspective supporting transparent popup backgrounds?