Create a dynamic report

I have 4 Turbine , I would like create a table per Turbine

Repport Table

I created a param Turbine but I do'nt kwow how set it dynamique.

The problem is My repport still Turbine 1

What I want is a table per Turbine

Sommeone can tell me what is wrong ?

Sounds like what you want is child tables.


Thank you for your answer.

I created child table but, all table have Turbie number = 1

Maybe because I set param = 1 ?

To figure out if it's you're table layout or if it's the data, look at the right sidebar in the Preview tab -- that's the data which is going in to the report.

You'll notice that your parameter for Turbine is a string -- this isn't something that can hold multiple values. You will likely need the turbine numbers to come from a query, with subqueries for the data for each turbine.


@KathyApplebaum Thank you for you suggestions
If I do a query,with subqueries for the data for each turbine like you recommeded me, how I will defined the paremeter below on >>>>Historial Tags because I'am using **Tag History ** data


Check out the docs on nested queries or the IU video on nested queries. Both have examples of how to do exactly this.