Create a shortcut to designer or project without using GWay

What is the best way to create a specific shortcut to launch a project or designer without going to a gateway and choosing a project or the designer and then sometimes getting a shortcut automatically or not? Sometimes the shortcuts stop working or lose their icon, so I have to start over with the whole sequence again. I go in and around several different networks and machines and gateways, working on several different designers and projects and I need a dependable way to point to a specific designer or runtime project without recreating the link every time. I really don’t want the system creating shortcuts all the time when it thinks it needs to, I would just like to know how to create a specific link that I choose to place on desktop or in a folder. Sometimes I am working on local gateway, sometimes on a remote gateway, and I have gateways in three different networks (right now), but would like to be able to set a specific shortcut to a designer or a project dependably.

Maybe I am missing something simple here…

You can create a manual shortcut this way: Create Desktop Shortcut

Bobby’s post will cover it for projects. I t took me a bit to find the one specific for the designer:

javaws.exe http://mygateway:8088/main/system/launch/designer/designer.jnlp
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