Create a sql table script

I would like to create a table using an event driven script so that I might make future installations require only the Ignition backup instead of restoring irrelevant data to my fresh databases.
So I want to have a way of creating the skeleton for the tables I will need associated with a project backup so I won’t have to enter the database management.

I want something like this

system.db.runQuery(CREATE TABLE example (id INT IDENTITY (1,1), name VARCHAR(55) NOT NULL,timestamp datetime NOT NULL);)

Or if anyone knows a better way to manage creating tables. Lets hear it.

Don’t know if this helps or not. What I have done for moving a projects SQL data from one computer to another was doing a backup or dump of the sql database and then just open it in notepad then copy/paste it into the SQL query browser in Igniton and execute it.

Thanks Mickey.
I was also considering using a folder of transaction groups with create table enabled and insert nulls to create the columns I need and then enable and then disable them after my tables were created but I was looking for a more elegant scripted solution.