Create Alert for Meters using Alarm Pipeline - Best way to do it

Hi, I have several meters

when user configure a alert when its reaches the red limit. I need to generate alert and sent to plant manager

How to do this one,

Whether i have create memory tags for each meter and configure the alarm pipeline

or any other better way to do it without creating tags?

Please give your suggestions

You would just configure an alarm on the same tag you've linked to the meters.

This section of IU covers what you would need to know:

One issue is i am getting the tags from mqqt so that’s why i aksed.. Is there any other way to create alram alert without using tag

One reason I dislike that mqtt tags were implemented as a managed tag provider rather than an OPC source... Although, can you not add alarms to mqtt tags? However, if the mqtt provider goes offline for long enough that the tags in ignition disappear, you'll also lose your alarm config. Same thing when you configure history on them as well
Otherwise, you can always create derived tags to your mqtt tags, then add the alarms to those.

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