Create an Alarm Journal Profile by project?

I will have to create several projects, one for each plant I’m working on, and then I wondered how to specify to a project to use a particular Alarm Journal Profile. In fact, I would like to create one Database per project so that the data of the different plants are stored separately, and then also create one Alarm Journal Profile per project, using the right database. I didn’t see anywhere how to assign an Alarm Journal Profile to a specific project. Maybe am I thinkink the wrong way ?


EDIT: Caffeine starting to kick in… Hopefully better explanation.

Alarms are set by tags. Tags are global and not assigned to any project.

Use the Data filters of the jorunal settings to gather just the ones you want for that journal. I have one that hits up when items on the shop floor are put in bypass:

Perfect, thank you again :slight_smile: