Create an UDT for a float or an integer array from OPC Browser


I am using Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and there’s an integer array is designed for 5 tags inside it named as N7:0, N7:1,…, N7:4
Now, I want to create a Master UDT for a tank, which has parameter TowerNumber. The Tank UDT will have 5 instances based on TankNumber, however, they should also include the atomic tags inside the N7 folder.

For example, Tank 1 will corresponds to N7:0, Tank 2 will corresponds to N7:1, and so on.

The problem I’m facing is when adding the paths from OPC Browser, I want to create a dynamic path for the UDT so that when the instances of the UDT are created, the elements inside the N7 folder can be referenced to their respective Tanks.

This looks awful familiar… I’m going to refer you to the documentation.

Pay attention to the way parameters are referenced in the examples on that page.

Hope this helps!