Create and download folder structure

is possbile to create a folder structure and download it in perspective?
For example: a user enters 2 filenames in a TextArea (es: fileA, fileB). The user clicks a button and starts a download of this structure:
Project/FolderA/fileA and Project/FolderB/fileB. FolderA and FolderB inside the same folder “Project”

What do you mean by that? you want to download whats in those files or you want to create those folders?

Also what are you planning to do with those folders once created?

My goal would be to create folders with specific names specified by the user. The content of the files is not important.
Once the parent folder that contains the others has been downloaded, the user places it where they want in their PC. In this way I can create a standard structure to download every time the user enters information into the system.

i cant follow.

= you create a folder on the gateway?

=? you copy the folder and its content to the client?

You can suggest a file name and perhaps a suggested folder path (though I doubt this). But you won’t be allowed to “Force” the user to download the file there. Ultimately the user has control over where the file is downloaded and the final name of the file.

Due to browser security access to the users PC is extremely limited.

Yeah seems like a bad idea aswell, if you want to share a folder with the gateway, just create a shared network folder.

Because all the download (and reupload?) would be a mess to do over ignition

Yes, I want create a folder on the gateway and download it.

The client downloads the folder created on the gateway.

My goal is to create the folder structure, not to indicate where to download the file.

i mean you could create the folder in the gateway and create a zip of the folder to download i guess…

but why, it seems very unpractical…

I understand that, I’m telling you that there are browser security measures in place which will not allow you to create a folder structure directly on the clients PC.

Customer requirements…

Ok, thanks.

It seems your customer doenst know what he wants either. You should suggest a shared network folder…
or if they want to create folders, just use the windows fileexplorer xd

Anyways the best i can think of is a zip then i guess. im sure there are plenty of ways to create a zip with java/python libraries.

If I absolutely had to do this, I would dynamically create a zip file with the desired folder structure and file contents in a WebDev script. No need to actually create the folder structure in the gateway filesystem.