Create button which can do this Functionality

The push button setup on the manual screen is to move machine either to work or home. When at home, the home PB should be lit green, flashing green when moving home, and grey if at work. When at work, work PB should be yellow, flashing yellow when moving to work. Use momentary push buttons for these(Customer specific requirement).

How can i achieve this functionalty like 3 different colors for same button. Can help will be really appreciated

Viraj Shah

I have done something similar by creating a custom property for the button, i called it “color”, then using an expression binding to return a number for each condition. for example, 1 would be for green, 2 for flashing green, grey for at work. then right click your button and go Customizers > Style customizer, select your custom property as the driving property, background color for the styled property, and configure your styles for each condition.

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