Create conveyor moving visually in ignition designer


I am new to ignition designer, i would like to know how to create a conveyor rotating visually using the designer tool. I tried once approach by placing a rectangle object on top of the conveyor block from library with a timer and by chaning the value of timer, the rectangle object moves position in x axis but it was not perfect as the timer value was going to 0 which was not what i want. I am not sure of using any expression or any other way i can achieve the same

The answer depends on whether you're designing for Vision or Perspective. (It sounds like Vision.) Please add the appropriate tag to your question and it may help to state what version you're running.

you are right, it is for vision

You're wanting the rectangle to rotate, or simply move from point A to point B in a straight line as if the conveyor was rotating underneath it?

it would be great for the rectangle to rotate but can that be done ??

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