Create custom properties on template from the project browse

When I create a template, and I need to add custom properties to it…
…And it just so happens that this control’s design fills the available area with another object…

Then I have to unanchor one of the objects to get back to the checkered design surface so I may right click there in order to raise the context menu that allows the addition/edit/removal of Custom Properties.

It would be a real convenience to add this function to the tree in project browser so I do not have to modify layout to get to an option and then set it back every time I need to make a change.

Sir Hacksalot

I know exactly what you mean, I struggled with this for some time, but there is a way.

if you select the template name in the project browser, then from the top tool bar select “Component” then hover over “Customizers” “Custom Proprieties” will show up and you can go from there.


You can also access it by selecting it in the browser then using the green cube toolbar icon thingy. Or using the keyboard shortcut to access the customizer.

Adding it to the right-click menu of the project browser is actually more work than it seems like it should be from your point of view, so that probably won’t happen.

That is cool, so long as I can get there, never even noticed it was up there because it was not something I had used before.

Thank you again.