Create dataset with expression

Is it possible to create a dataset using expression language only?

The scripting equivalent would be system.dataset.toDataSet, is it possible without using runScript?

No; all native Ignition expressions require an existing dataset. There is a toDataSet() expression for type casting existing datasets, but there is no built in expression that can form a dataset from a list of header names and a list of lists.


If you can use JSON rather than a dataset you might be able to use jsonFormat() or jsonSet to create the set.

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Can I ask what exactly it is you're trying to do, what is your use case? I know the general advice is to avoid runScript but sometimes it's not possible. However if you explain the end goal there may be different ways to accomplish it (there's always 5 different ways to do the same thing in Ignition lol).


Never tried, but would it be possible to create a dataset through json ?

I don't know. I found JSON much easier to work with and when creating bindings you can inspect the binding preview to get an idea if it's working. With the document format one can't.