Create donuts gauge from simple gauge in perspective

I need to create donuts gauge in perspective which is not available in components right now.
One solution I can think of use two simple gauge to create one donuts gauge. (one rotate in 180 degree)
The problem is each simple gauge has a start white line at beginning of gauge as shown in below which is not desirable here.
How I can hide the line?
Is there any other solution to create donuts gauge?

You should be able to do it using one gauge and adjust the start and end angles(Pick whatever angle you want to start at, then add 360 for the end angle. You still will likely have the start line though, but unless the gauge is at 100% it won’t be noticeable.


Thanks. I just need to adjust the label(vale). Is there a solution to move the label? In donuts shape the label position is incorrect.

Unfortunately not. I disabled the label, and put my own in the middle.

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Thanks again. by the way, if I want to have dark theme, is there a way to change color of component like combo box, table,… They are just blue/white theme by default and I don’t find any properties to change the color.
I don’t know in demo version why there an option to change theme which is not working!!!

Not sure how to do it with a style since the properties are buried a bit, but arc → color and arcBackground ->Color will adjust the color of the gauge.



It’ll be about a month before it’s released, but we are currently working on properly implementing the component theming, both light and dark. Once this is done, the light and dark theme files should be in a format that will make it easy for you to copy into your own theme file and alter as you see fit.


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Is create a Donut Gauge available yet in Perspective?