Create Dynamic Tag Display Table Using the Tag Browse Tree


I am trying to create a display that shows the values for a set of OPC tags selected from a Tag Browse Tree. I am able to show the path by binding to the "selectedPaths" property but I would like to show the path in a column, and then the value in a second column next to that.
I am guessing that there will need some type of scripting involved and am new to scripting but trying to learn. I have done a number of searches and have not been able to find a solution thus far.
Just FYI, I'm using 8.1.
Thank you for the help!

I added some tags to your post so it's easier for the right people to see. From the name of the property I assume you're using Vision. If that's not the case, please feel free to edit the tag.

Perfect, thanks for the help! You're correct, I am using Vision.

You're welcome! From the looks of it, you should be able to use a property change script on the tag browse tree that would check if the property that changed is selectedPaths. From there, you could use the dataset functions (system.dataset.getColumnAsList()) to turn that dataset of paths into a list, then use that in system.tag.readBlocking() to get the values. You could then use a list comprehension to pack that into a list of [path, value] lists:

rows = [list(x) for x in zip(paths, values)]

and finally turn that into a dataset that goes into the table's data property (system.dataset.toDataset(headers, rows)). Because it's relatively involved, I'd put all that logic into a library script that is called from the property change script.

Hopefully that lets you get started, and if you need clarification on any step we're here to help.

I would use a template repeater to show these values and every time the user selects a tag it gets added to the repeater by a propertyChange script that looks at the "selectedPaths" property.
First you would need to create a Template with Indirection.
Add a Template Repeater to your window.Using the template repeater, this would also be useful.
A good look at how Datasets work should tie everything together, i suggest you take a look at those links, try something out and if you have any questions, come back.

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