Create Excel with multiple Datasets

Hi, I am trying to export multiple dataset to an Excel file, I found a solution to export each dataset to a diferent page into a excel file, but what I need is to display all the dataset in one page, one after another, is that possible?

This is what I am using right now, but I want the data in just one page.

id = event.source.parent.parent.getComponent('Table').id
dato1 = system.db.runPrepQuery("SELECT Inicio,Termino,Tiempo_Trabajo_Formato as Tiempo_Meta,Formato_Funcionando as Tiempo_Trabajado,Formato_Detenido as Tiempo_Perdido,Disponibilidad, t_stamp as Fecha FROM informe_maq1 where informe_maq1_ndx = ?",[id])
dato2 = system.db.runPrepQuery("SELECT causa as Causa,COUNT(detenciones.categoria) as Total FROM detenciones inner join fallas_descripcion on ( where id_informe = ? GROUP BY detenciones.categoria",[id])
dato3 = system.db.runPrepQuery("SELECT hora_detencion as Hora_Detencion, tiempo_formato as Tiempo_Detenido,causa as Causa,comentario as Comentario FROM detenciones LEFT JOIN fallas_descripcion ON WHERE id_informe = ? order by desc",[id])
results = system.dataset.toDataSet(dato1)
results2 = system.dataset.toDataSet(dato2)
results3 = system.dataset.toDataSet(dato3)
spreadsheet = system.dataset.dataSetToExcel(1, [results,results2,results3])
filePath = "C:\\output\\Informe.xls"
system.file.writeFile(filePath, spreadsheet)"file:" + filePath)