Create Function On Easy Chart


Just wondering if it possible to create custom functions on easy chart. I see that rows can be added to the Data set for the functions but I am not sure what is the correct method if there is one to add a custom function. I need to calculate a ratio from two database pens I am displaying with the easy chart component. I can do it in the DB but would like to know if it is possible with the easy chart itself



Hi Aidan,

If the pens are coming from the same table/view, you can actually create a pen and define the COL_NAME with a SQL expression, such as COL1/COL2, COL1 * 2, DECODE(COL1,0,COL2,COL1), etc.

Regarding actual custom functions on any set of pens, that’s an interesting question…I’d be curious to know myself.


Hi Dan

That solved the problem I was having. Would be interesting to know if custom functions can be created.



No, there isn’t a way to add custom functions. This should probably be added as part of the SDK - I think that would be the most appropriate place for this sort of extensibility.

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