Create graph for each hour

hello everyone i’m using the graph and i want to graph every hour the production that the manufacturing takes

I already have the variabre where I take the count

I’m really new to this, I just want to give me a hint of how I can do it.

You can accomplish this a few ways. Typically you’d store tag history using either the Tag Historian Module or the SQL Bridge Module (these require a license, but are the easiest to setup). For smaller amounts of data over a short term like this, you could also use a gateway event tag change script triggered each hour to store the values in a dataset tag (and remove old values). See system.dataset functions. This is pretty easy if you understand Python scripting, but there’s a bit of a learning curve if you don’t. You’ll find more posts in this forum regarding editing datasets with scripting.

The way you’ve started doing this with a cell update binding will work if you have each of the historical values stored in a tag, but is probably not the ideal method.

you know if there is an example to guide use SQL as a database and mitsubishi PLC