Create one gateway with one project but showing different things

I currently have an existing gateway and one perspective session showing a total of six identical furnaces. I now want to break it up and show one furnace on one computer and the other 5 showing on another computer but still use one gateway and one perspective project. The way I have it designed is to have a main home page showing the six furnaces and depending on which one you press on it then goes into detail on that one furnace. My plan is to add visibility on furnace embedded views to show furnaces 1-5 on the one computer and to show furnace 6 on another. This part is pretty straight forward but I am trying to figure out what I can bind the visibility to. I am thinking of using some sort of session property but not sure which one would be the best.

I thought about using the host or IP address but wouldn’t the IP addresses for both sessions on the two different computers be the same due to using the same gateway or am I not correct about that?

I just tried opening up two different sessions on the same VM and they are both showing the same host and same ID. I suppose the host names of the two computers will be different so I could use that would then if they ever change out the computers the host names may not match and then you it wouldn’t work in the future.

What would be the best way to do this???

I just created a custom session property and tied visibility to one of the furnaces. Depending on what the session property is I can make one furnace embedded view be invisible however now the spacing still shows it being there which isn’t what i want. Any thoughts about this as well?