Create OPC tags in bulk for Siemens PLC

We have a Siemens S7-1200 PLC with almost 1500 tags. What is the quickest way to create/import OPC tags in designer since Siemens doesn’t allow tag browsing. We are using Ignition driver for communication.

You can create one tag by hand, inspect it’s configuration using system.tag.getConfiguration, and then use system.tag.configure to basically copy that tag many times with whatever modifications you need.

Tag Property Reference is linked in one of the above documentation pages. It will be useful if you choose to use this method.

I wrote a tool in python that creates tag json for me based on an Excel table that has all the config in it, for example with columns:

  • Relative Folder Path
  • Tag name
  • dataType
  • opcItemPath

If you do as @zacht says and inspect the tag json in a text editor, you should be able to work out how it’s all put together. It’s far easier to create tags in a single folder than to create them into folders, and you could fairly easily use zacht’s method for that. Then you could organise them later manually. It’s a matter of how often you’ll use the tool as to whether you spend the time or not creating something more elaborate. I tend to create the tool regardless, as theyre fun to make :sweat_smile:

@nminchin care to share your tool? I created something crude in .NET, but always curious to see what others have. No problem if you can’t share.

@jlandwerlen Not able to sorry, I got told off last time I shared a tool I made for another scada :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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