Create Opc Tags in designer for S1200

I did everything in this link, what could be my problem?

I did all that, and I cant create opc tags correctly for my PLC SIEMENS S1200
can you help me? I have the tag welle set in a DBLOCK

Show the tag configuration… in Ignition…?

I have tried in different ways but now I Got this

Integer in Simatic is Short in Ignition (16bit)…
Double Integer (DI or DW, 32bit) in Simatic is Integer in Ignition…

but shoul work like this?

Why you have DW? You want only 16 bits so it is only W: db2,w0 or db2,i0
in Ignition there is no DataWord like in Simatic…
DW in Ignition means DoubleWord - 32bit…

I will follow your instructions