Create Perspective popup without header bar

Perspective 8.1.21

Is there anyway to create a Perspective popup without the header bar?

(Short of creating a hidden view on an XY container and rolling my own popups).


If you're doing this in the Event Configuration | Popup dialog then disable the Show close button checkbox and, I think, leave the title blank.

If you want a close button then you've got to have the title bar.

Or I guess add a button yourself, that would call the close popup action, passing it the popup's id

Pascal is correct. I should have said, "If you want the close 'X' button then you've got to have the title bar.

Your other options are to create your own close button or make the popup background dismissable.

you called?:stuck_out_tongue:

#popup-YOURPOPUPID .popup-header.ia_popup__header {
    display: none;


Still has the X btw, its pushed down tho, so becarefull not to put some inputbox there


You can close the current popup by supplying an empty string for the id

Thanks for the lively discussion everyone. After some trial and error,
it turns out both showCloseIcon and draggable have to be false.

         showCloseIcon=False, draggable=False)

The documentation calls this out.

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