Create Read-Only Project that can read from iFix IGS driver?

The environment: Validated, GMP, production iFix system that uses the IGS driver (basically Kepware) to communicate with the PLCs.

The Situation: Customer wants to develop an Ignition app in parallel with the iFix app and eventually get rid of iFix and run on Ignition.

The Question: Is it possible to develop the Ignition application so that it can Read-Only from the existing iFix IGS driver and then “flip a switch” when ready to have it read-write? For now, Ignition can absolutely NOT write to the current system b/c it is a validated system in a GMP environment.

I guess it’s really 2 questions:

  1. Can a create a read-only project that can be quickly and easily switched to a read-write project?
  2. Can I read from iFix IGS?

Possible Solutions for Read-Only:

  1. User based control so that if no one is logged in, they cannot write any values/controls down to the PLC. - This isn’t a bad idea but I’d like more assurance that the application won’t write anything. Can it be configured on the project level or OPC connection level?

  2. Design the project with no user inputs. - Not really a great solution either because we want a fully functional project and just want to be able to flip switch to do the cut-over to the Ignition project.

Possible Solution for the iFix IGS read question:

  1. Export the existing IGS configuration and create a regular kepware project with it. Ignition can talk to Kepware, no problem. - Can Kepware be configured to read only? Will this bog down the communication channels because now 2 OPC servers are communicating to the PLCs?

Thank you for any help or advice you have to offer.