Create Tags using script not working correctly for MEMORY

Ignition 8.0.8

I can create a MEMORY Boolean tag using scripting.
However, it does NOT quite show up correctly in the Tag Editor.
Is the tag ACTUALLY setup correctly in Ignition?
Is this just a display problem with the Tag Editor?
Can I still use the tag in scripting like it is setup correctly as a Boolean?

Here is the script I am using SUCCESSFULLY to create the tag…
Tag Provider is already created WAY before this.
Tag Group is already created WAY before this.

#Create a MEMORY tag that is boolean
sFolder = "[insertYourTAGprovider]" 
sTagname = 'aMEM'
sFullTag = sFolder + '\\' + sTagname
if not system.tag.exists(sFullTag):
   sCollisionPolicyAbort = "a"
   tagsetup = {"name": sTagname, "tagGroup": "insertYourTAGgrouphere", "enabled": True, "valueSource":"Memory", "dataType": "Boolean", "value": False, "accessRights":"Read_Write"}
   system.tag.configure(sFolder, [tagsetup], sCollisionPolicyAbort)

Look in DESIGNER and in the tree it says “Memory” beside the tagname.
It actually is a BOOLEAN.

HOWEVER, when I double click the tag in the DESIGNER, it says Value Source = OPC.
Which means I can not “see” the Data Type = Boolean…even though in the tree, it is BOOLEAN.

This doesn’t seem right to me.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi, i think your valueSource parameter must be “memory” and not “Memory”.
If you have doubts about the syntax to use, try creating tags manually and then export them in xml. You will find the correct syntax for parameters.

Or right click the tags and ‘Edit Raw’ - system.tag.configure() is using the same syntax as our internal JSON.

You found it!
lowercase memory worked!
Even though it created the tag successfully with Memory.
And the tag editor shows it as Memory in the tree.

So I didn’t think it was a capitalization…I just assumed it would have raised
an error when the CAse was incorrect.

Thank you