Create Text Confirmation Instead of Click Confirmation

The operators have stopped looking at the system confirmation where they just click yes or no. Instead of doing a click based one, I was going to make them type yes and then click okay. I was thinking of doing a pop up and then using the pass parameters, and tying them to an array of tags and trigger the output in the plc. That’s a little time consuming given the program size.

You are battling human nature. You will lose. Consider not using a popup, instead using a time-limited “command mode” of some kind, specific to each screen that needs it. The command mode would enable the other relevant buttons, and would time out after a short idle period. This approach satisfies requirements for avoiding accidental button presses, without using a popup that becomes a rote action.


It sounds like you have an opportunity to reduce the number of messages and confirmations that really just slow things down for the operator.
If messages only appear when the operator really needs to do something or know something important they won’t ignore the important ones because they are in the habit of clicking past the noise.


They are only in situations when it matters. They still rush right on through it.

Doesn’t matter to them that it matters to you or your employer. You are presenting a hurdle that they need to leap to do their jobs. It doesn’t matter how high a hurdle it is, if it is the same every time, it will become part of their muscle memory. High hurdles will simply irritate your operators.

Make them think about each situation before acting, by changing your paradigm. A “command mode” button can be placed in a different location on each window that needs it, causing your operators to think, but not do extra work. You can even make the button show in different places semi-randomly, to ensure its use is deliberate.

Or choose some other method. But repetitive motions where you need confirmations is not the answer.

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I already tested the command mode. Worked like a charm for them.