Creating a Client instance on remote PC

Maybe I am missing something simple here.
I looked through the website, but can’t find a tutorial.

I have been running designer and a client on the server machine but now want to publish on remote PCs which will be my HMI sreens.
How do I do this?

Windows 10PC.
Server and client set to same subnet and IP range.

This may help.

You’re going to have to stop doing this. Once you have multiple real clients using your system, your own client and designer activities on the server will negatively impact the performance of the gateway service. It can also give you a false idea of what is possible for clients if the environment you are designing in has local access to the gateway’s files.

This is also why I tell my clients to not install directly on their own workstations. Always use a VM or container technology if you don’t have a dedicated gateway machine.

Thank you Phil.
It was just for initial testing, but I will bear the advice in mind from now on.