Creating a dropdown referance to a FK field in a table

I am trying to implement what was done in this example by Travis Cox that is in this thread.


I have parts of it working but not the whole thing, using 7.7.0.

At the end it was mention that the custom dataset “translateData” should have its polling mode set to none. When I do this nothing calls it the custom property translateData. What should?

Also, when I define the translation list in the table customizer it some how get removed, after I close the window.
Table Translate Map.proj (32.7 KB)

Hi Doug,
I checked this out.

When polling mode is set to “Off” then the database query will run each time the window is opened.

Yes, the translation list and all the settings in the Column Attributes Dataset will be removed if you try to use the Table Customizer. This is because the Column Attributes Dataset is already bound to a Cell Update. This binding will over write any changes you make manually. You could make your changes in the dataset in the Cell Update binding.