Creating a form to print out

I have a project where employees fill out information and I was wondering if there is a way to create a form that when the employee clicks a print button, the form would print out for the employee.

Do you have the reporting module?

Yes we do.

That would be the easiest way

Ok… but how would you create a form in the report area?

Since you are (if I recall) using Vision, you could put all of your form elements in a container, then print the container.


You wouldn’t. The way I’ve seen folks do it, they put the Report Viewer component in the back of the Z order, and place input components in front of the RV. With the idea being that the input components “act” as editable fields on the RV, from the user’s perspective.

To be honest, I’d suggest you go with @JordanCClark 's approach. The RV approach works, but it’s extra work to set up (actually making the report and setting up bindings between the RV and other components). Since it sounds like you already have a vision window with all the components, calling createPrintJob is certainly easier.

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Thank you. I have been racking my brain trying to figure this out.

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